Today I am going to show you how to make these old, yellowing, oxidizing, headlights clear again

so a lot of the damage here is done on the outside of the headlight
I cannot tell if the inside of the headlight is no good either but
the outside of the headlight is yellowing, you can feel it, it’s not smooth

its all pitted which indicates that it can be polished out on my truck you can see this is also yellow, but it is oxidizing from the inside. The outside is smooth and it is pretty clean on the outside so I wouldn’t be able to use this method on these headlights

but for a headlight that you can feel it is not smooth on the outside and you can see that there are all spots and it is yellow on the outside this trick will definitely help you out.

So you want to make sure you use a toothpaste that has some grittiness to it and is an actual paste and not a gel. This one has baking soda and peroxide which will help get our headlight lenses clear and this is all gritty, so this is a good toothpaste to use.

If your toothpaste isnt gritty, then you can add some baking soda to the toothpaste all we are going to do is get a bunch of toothpaste
and rub it in.

Make sure you rub it in good cover the whole headlight you can buy a headlight restoring kit for about $15-$20 but with this toothpaste it is $1 and you will get similar results if you want, you can even use a toothbrush and brush it in there really good!

and you can tell by the dirtiness of the toothbrush that this is working pretty good the toothpaste was white and is now turning yellow so this is working after brushing the headlight a good amount working that toothpaste in there really good

We are going to grab our dental floss take a bunch out I am just kidding, we are not using dental floss LOL the older and the more yellow the headlight is, the longer you will have to brush and you might even have to do two applications of toothpaste another tool you can use is a Dremel with a buffing wheel on it just buff all of this toothpaste into the headlight instead of brushing it in only with a toothbrush this might give you better results, but I am not going to use it because not everyone has a Dremel.

I am not going to use it and if you do use a Dremel, make sure you use the low speed setting (15k rpms or less) you dont want this to spin fast because you will melt your plastic . I have a spray bottle with some warm water and just give it a spray

I am using a paper towel to buff this and just use a lot of pressure to buff it out get a clean paper towel for the final wipe down and after you wash it off completely apply some wax and this will provide a protective layer so the headlights dont get yellow again quickly.

and it will kep them nice and clear so now we will take off the wax
and you can see how much more clear the headlights are and this is with just one coat of toothpaste if you want to get it even more clear, you can use 2 or more coats.

Hopefully this quick tip was helpful,


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