Hey guys, today I’m gonna show you how to Super Clean your windshield. I’ll be demonstrating this on my 1996 Chevy Corvette Glass is the second largest surface on your car right after the paint so for car shows, having the glass perfectly clean is essential for bringing home the trophies.

And don’t think that super cleaning the windshield is just for a show car like the Corvette I do this on my daily driver truck I just did this on this windshield and it looks awesome

You’re driving your car or truck every day and the thing you look at the most is right out of the windshield so you don’t want any dirt on there that distracts you from driving or strains your eyes — I don’t know about you, but I hate when there’s stuff on the windshield right in front of my field of view Just drives me crazy

Plus, today I have a pretty nice day but what happens when it’s raining or when it’s snowing? It’s nice to know that your windshield will bead up water prevent ice from sticking prevent bug splatters from sticking and also, it’ll be nice and clear at night so you minimize any reflection.

The most important thing is that you can see clearly out of your windshield for safety and for comfort. Now there [are] a million different glass cleaners on the market Pick your favorite one that you like to use I prefer one that doesn’t have harsh chemicals such as ammonia

And I also prefer one that does not leave any streaks or residue My windshield is pretty dirty [on] my ‘Vette You can see the mark right there And another right there

And the whole window is covered by bug splatters and road debris So some people like using paper towels or a bundled-up piece of newspaper to clean their windshield I prefer using a microfiber towel

You won’t scratch your windshield with this It absorbs water really well It leaves no residue It leaves no fuzz And it picks up dirt really well. So the first step’s gonna be to clean off your windshield with your microfiber cloth and your favorite glass cleaner.

Make sure you’re working in the shade and do half the glass at a time. If you spray the whole windshield with the cleaner Half of it might evaporate by the time you get to the other side And that’ll just make a bigger mess

When wiping the windshield, use random circular motions and change the direction of the towel. This’ll allow the glass to be scrubbed in different directions and remove the most dirt possible. And don’t forget to get into the corners and along the edges of the windshield with your towel.

So our white towel is now black with dirt and that’s really good We got a lot of the dirt off Now we’re gonna move to the next step. The next step is gonna be using a piece of clay bar I have this clay bar kit here

You normally use this on your paint You just break a little piece off And you get your water bottle I filled this water bottle up with warm water The warmer the water, the better Warm water breaks down and dissolves dirt better than cold water.

You want a good amount of water because this will help the clay slide along the windshield and you can’t use too much water. You want to move the clay bar in an up-and-down motion and then in a circular motion to clean at all different angles

This will pull up any contaminants that are really stuck on the glass And it’ll also clean up anything that didn’t get cleaned up by your glass cleaner And if the clay kind of gets hung up and is kind of hard to move Focus in that area Because there [are] contaminants there And get it nice and clean

And then it should slide nice and smooth after that Instead of clay-barring, some people use steel wool or a straight razor, and scrape the glass, and I do not do that at all I don’t want to scratch the glass

There’s almost no chance of me scratching the glass with just a piece of clay bar Here’s the clay bar after cleaning the windshield with it You can see all the dirt that didn’t get cleaned up by the glass cleaner got pulled up by the clay bar

And we also loosened up a bunch of contaminants on the glass here So we’re gonna clean it one more time with our glass cleaner. And after we went over it one more time that clay bar loosened up a bunch more dirt so we were able to clean this windshield even more and it’s looking great.

Now I’m going to dry the windshield with a really absorbent microfiber cloth This cloth will also not leave any lint which is helpful. You don’t want to leave any lint at this stage Now this windshield is looking awesome.

Already there’s a nice shine to it and we’re not even done yet. Now this last step is really what gives your windshield that extra something And it’s using regular car wax

So any carnuba or synthetic paste wax that you use on your car’s paint you’re gonna use on the windshield. And waxing the windshield will put a protective layer that beads up water better than Rain-X And it’ll also prevent bird poop and bug splatters from sticking to the windshield.

So all you need to do is get a damp paper towel and clean it right off. Also the wax prevents ice buildup So for those cold mornings, you don’t need to scrape the ice off the glass Which is awesome. You could use Rain-X if you want, but I find that wax lasts the longest.

This’ll last me [between] 4 to 6 months where the water will bead up and bugs and stuff will come off with just one wipe of the towel. All you have to do is get your wax You want to apply it in a circular motion

This isn’t like waxing the paint on your car Don’t worry about swirl marks or anything You don’t need thick layers You just want to coat the surface of the glass

The glass is really smooth right now because you clay-barred it So you’re not going to have to use that much wax at all. You want to apply moderate pressure I’d say about 5 pounds of pressure So now I’m gonna coat the whole windshield

So you want to take a look at the windshield to make sure we have full wax coverage We don’t want any bare spots with no wax But as you can see, this looks really good Now we’ll wait around five minutes until the wax has dried enough to buff it off

And I’ll show you how to test the wax to see if it’s ready to be buffed After about five minutes, let’s test the wax and see if it’s ready to get buffed off You just take your finger and run it along the wax You can see my finger left behind a smudge

And that’s not completely clear So the wax isn’t ready to get buffed You want there to be no smudge And you want the glass underneath your finger to be completely clear after you rub it. So after a few minutes, let’s test the wax again

You can see that there’s no smudge and it’s clear underneath And also the wax kind of builds up at one end When you push it And that’s exactly what you want So this is ready to get buffed off Get a clean microfiber towel

And let’s buff off as much wax as we can. Try using circular motions because that will remove the most wax. Make sure you pay attention to details And get the wax off of all the black pieces and all the trim Any wax on this black trim is gonna turn white

And any wax that’s kind of hidden under here is gonna turn white and it’ll be really obvious. So you want to make sure you get that out. So we’ve finished our first buff with this microfiber towel

Now I’m gonna change towels I’m gonna use a finishing towel here And this towel’s gonna be used for that final buff And we’re gonna do circular motions first And then up and down for the finish. Again, the circular motions allow you to buff the windshield from different directions which provides the best results.

And then do a final vertical buff just moving the towel up and down. Make sure you don’t touch the glass by mistake because the oils from your hand will get on the glass and you’ll notice it. And we are done! That’s how you Super Clean your windshield

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Just as some proof to show you how well this wax layer protects the windshield Check out how even a little bit of water beads up and rolls right off Now let’s get serious and simulate a rainstorm! You can see, even in heavy rain Most of the water falls right off the windshield which is great for visibility.

The top for this article is: You always want to make sure that you clean your wiper blades off because all the hard work that you just did to clean the whole windshield will get put to waste once you use your wiper blades and just spread that dirt all over the place.

Spray the glass cleaner on the towel And just pull the wiper blade up And you’re just gonna take the towel and run it along the whole wiper blade. Many people say to use alcohol, but alcohol could dry out the rubber along the wiper blade And then that could cause it to scratch your windshield

So I just use a glass cleaner that’s good on rubber. Make sure you do the other wiper blade as well And you can see with both wiper blades that we got a lot of dirt off

And that’ll just keep the whole windshield from getting dirty again when you use your wiper blades.


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