Today I’m going to show you how to maintain a “maintenance-free” battery. They do require maintenance .I maintain this battery religiously every six months it gets taken out of my car cleaned

and piqué charged for over 24 hours with a what’s called a smart battery charger take a damp cloth clean the road grime off of it check for any cracks in the inner plastic

and use a brush to clean the terminals or you can get one of these post cleaners an indication of your pending battery failure is if your positive terminal has a white fluffy stuff on it if your positive terminal has all kinds of sulfate on it

or sulfide on it that means your battery has been sitting uncharged and all your positive plates inside will also have all that sulfate buildup on it the way to prevent sulfite buildup on your battery inside and outside is to keep it charged

if you let your battery sit for any amount of time you’re going to start to get sulfide buildup on their plates I use a special battery charger you buy this is Sears for about thirty bucks say a smart charger which detects the peak voltage

then it will switch to a maintenance charge you can also get a product called a battery tender it’s pretty much the same thing these battery chargers don’t put a constant voltage into the battery

but it puts a high-frequency pulse through it to make the sulphides reabsorb into the sulfuric acid inside the battery but this one has a protections

You can’t shock it you know it will not turn on until it’s connected to the battery if you hook it up backwards the positive negative . it will not turn on so you’ve got that protection with this diehard battery charger

but also just like a light bulb for battery is too low a voltage it will not turn on and it will not charge it and you can get around that by using a dumb battery charger that just pumps 12 volts into it

and you know like 2 amps or 5 amps and or jump jumping it from another battery it will detect the voltage and then it will go into a charging mode and this charges 12 volts at 2 amps or 6 well to 4 hams this battery has a few cells which are right at the low level indicator here

so I’m going to fill it up with distilled water do not use mineral water don’t use tap water don’t use the artesian water only distilled water for your batteries

if you use regular tap water the minerals in that will destroy your battery in a matter of weeks using any dying works works well to loosen up these uh caps on the cells

so you might want to have a container of distilled water standing by to put your caps in because these caps can get kind of dirty and they will have some Saphira Casa Don them you might want to use a gloves also

but I’ve calluses carefully clean these out with a wet cloth try not to knock any dirt down into the cells I poured some distilled water into another container of an old inkjet ink refill syringe that I’m going to use to fill up these cells to about middle here there

and some of them are okay some of them I’ll OH some of these cells are about 30 CC’s low you know I have all the cells topped off and even out now you can start putting your caps back in there this has a little eye on it

and it was glowing red so that’s why I added distilled water in it before this I was not even glowing because it had been sitting in my car for probably two weeks since the last time I drove my car you’ll get a layer of sulfuric acid that’s charged your electrolyte

that’s charged then you’ll gift your distilled water that’ll actually separate if your battery is low you need to actually shake it up to mix the distilled water and sulfuric acid it’s already in there

and this is I do this several times throughout the charge usually it takes anywhere from 24 hours to 36 hours to charge the battery up if once my battery charger turns green

I will shake the battery mix the electrolyte up some more then I’ll reconnect the leads and it will go back into charging and it’ll charge for a few more hours one way to prevent a really long recharge time on batteries that aren’t in use is to get a battery maintainer

you can get ones that plug into a wall socket and charge your batteries at like a fifty mili amp or you can I have a solar powered one that I bought for this is about twenty bucks and it the trickle charges your battery and maintains it

and I have another battery pack that I have for just emergencies that I’d hope the smart charger up to and it sat there for about two minutes and turned green meaning the battery is already topped off so I know this kind of battery charger works and it doesn’t require any electricity from Europe from the grid

if your battery sits uncharged or D charges itself over time usually about 1% per day letting it run itself down will create the white fluffy stuff on your positive terminal to get that off you can use a you know like coca-cola or baking soda

and water make that into a paste and put it on there in it making soda will neutralize the sulfuric acid this battery is almost 5 years old and

I’ve had no problems with it because I take it out every 6 months and charge it up with a smart charger and it peak charges it detects the Delta V and then shuts off and goes into trickle charge.

I hope you find it helpful


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